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Quality Daycare Services in Edmonton for Holistic Development

Whether you are a new parent or have a child who will soon transition to a full-day school, our childcare facility offers solutions that give you peace of mind. It has been noted that a daycare helps children develop strong social skills and improve their intellectual abilities. As partners in your kid’s development, we provide daycare services in Edmonton that help promote individual growth and help your child gain new abilities. Be a part of the Bonniedoon OSC Billingual family to boost your child’s emotional, social and intellectual growth.

Benefits of Our Customized Curriculum

A quality daycare offers both social and academic benefits for children. We design our curriculum according to the needs of children. It is a proven fact that a specific schedule is essential for intellectual growth and development. Moreover, a full slate of timely activities not only inculcates social skills but also helps avoid erratic behaviour. Some of these activities include painting, role play, structured games and more. Our curriculum also facilitates a smoother transition of your children from daycare to school by giving them a basic introduction about the typical structure of a formal school day. Contact our childcare facility today.

Academic and Social Advancements

We offer proper instructions which are beneficial for your child in the long run.

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