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Comprehensive Childcare Program

Spark a lifelong love of learning in your child with our planned learning activities designed to facilitate intellectual growth.

Dedicated Daycare in Edmonton

Modern life is demanding, especially for new parents. From family obligations to commitments at work and daily upkeep, it can get overwhelming at times to focus solely on your kid. While the inability to do it all within a span of 24 hours might evoke a feeling of guilt, you can rest assured that daycare is a suitable option. At Bonniedoon OSC Billingual, we understand that you need to place your child in a daycare that is safe and capable of handling them with proper care. Serving numerous families throughout Edmonton, we provide quality daycare services that facilitate the overall growth of your child. Get in touch with us to learn more about our curriculum.

A Childcare You Can Trust

When it comes to your child, trust is paramount. Hence, our childcare facility employs highly trained teachers and staff members to give your child a great educational experience in a safe and secure environment. Our curriculum is designed to facilitate cognitive growth through fun activities and lessons. You kids will learn to solve problems, share, play and learn with their fellow mates, while developing and nourishing their distinct personality. Our aim is to help your child engage in new experiences and environments with confidence. From arts and crafts to role play and other activities, your child will explore the world through his/her senses, enhancing his/her communication and cognitive skills. With our childcare program, you can make your kid grow into a lifelong learner.

Highly Qualified Educators

Count on our qualified teachers to inculcate a healthy self-image and positive attitude in your child.

Safe and Nurturing Environment

We nurture young minds in a warm and safe learning environment with an engaging curriculum.

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